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Ammunition Prices Skyrocket


Rising metal costs are causing ammunition and gun prices to skyrocket, which is shooting a hole in gun the wallets of gun owners

Steven Pierson, Ski's Gun Shop salesman: "Shells are made out of copper and lead, both of which have gone up."

That's an understatement. This price for this box of ammunition has gone up 50 percent in a matter of weeks. It's like that with all of these boxes and there seems to be no end insight.

Pierson: "In the next 16 months we'll probably see a 10% increase on these."

The metal shortage is also affecting gun sales until that price goes down.

Even though ammunition prices are rising like a speeding bullet...gun dealers are still seeing increasing sales.

Pierson: "People know the prices are raising so they're buying ammo for the year instead of just for the next few weeks."

Gun enthusiasts also feel this price trend could be a major problem for the sport.

Pierson: "People will probably have to give up the sport or cut way back and I think it's a back door form of gun control."
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