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Analogue Compass: Surplus Military vs Knockoff of Lensatic Marching Compasses

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It never hurts to always have an analogue compass and paper map as a backup to GPS and you phone.
Electronics need to be recharged and there are no USB plugs on trees when you are out in the sticks.

Here is my brief overview of the US military issued Lensatic marching compass vs a Chinese knockoff of the U.S. Issued compass.
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Nice video, I regret that my two USGI ones were thrown away.
Sorry to hear that, I would be pissed if I found out my US military grade compasses were thrown away. Even if they were broken.
I can fix them; they are very easy to open up and service.

The used military grade marching compasses cost easily twice as much as a brand new Chinese knockoff.
The Cammenga 3H models cost very easily 5 to 6 times than the Chinese ones.
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