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Concerned as to these type 'issues' as stated in the now locked GD tread, I was doing a little archive reading on the FNP and discovered this.

Looks like there is definitely a trend (and it ain't good one) developing with the FNP series guns that has not been publicly addressed by the manufacturer as I stated I wish they would be forthcoming with us and address with information on them and what they are doing to correct the problems?.

Along with the cracked frames, cracked internal parts, and triggers not firing, and or, reseting or stacking 20 lb trigger pulls, I just now read this in my pursing of the net:

What has FNH been done to correct this issue?

Any issue?

I still have high hopes for this pistol, but that hope is being dashed with more and more discovery of threads like this one below combined with those already posted on this board. I am sure FNH is aware of these issues. It would be nice to know what is being done to correct them? Why do they remain silent as to them?


FNP 40 Cal Review


Thought I would post my review for those of you considering purchasing or have one of these FNPs. Hope to generate some discussion. I would like to get some other review from people who shot the gun. I wrote this up about a month ago. I also removed the store name in case this site has a policy of NO advertisments.


(Store) has the FNP pistols on sale right now for $390 (regular $479). They are made by FNH which I believe also makes browning or the other way around.

From a shooting Stand point:

Right out of the box it shot great. Consistent 1-2" groups at 15 feet (great for me that is). I put 300 rounds through it and not one single jam. Even after unloading a 14 round clip as fast as I could.

From an engineering/mechanical stand point:

I was reluctant to buy it until told I could return it upon poor performance for when dry firing it, the gun sounded like a cheap cap gun I had when I was a kid. The spring was very "tingy".

At the range once loaded, the loaded chamber indicator didn't even work. It maybe stuck out a "c" hair but nothing you could feel with a finger or even see the visible red line indicating it being loaded.

After firing my 300 rounds through it I brought it home for a cleaning. Upon disassembling, I noticed some gouging on the under side of the slide from the slide hitting the slide release lever during shooting. This marking was happening right below the "P" (FNP - 40) on the side of the slide.

After putting it back together it was clearly noticeable when looking at it from a side view. I immediately went to the net and tried searching for reviews.

None, of the 4 I found, mentioned my problem or any problem.

However, I did find 2 for sale on line and one person indicated "a slight ding in the metal under the P" and the other just had pictures of the gun with a larger ding in the metal under the 'P' than I had. Looks like a shared problem with the gun.

Further examing it I noticed I could push the slide down on the gun and into the release but manually. Not the greatest tolerances built into them (at least mine that was).

Just took the gun back to (store) today and gave all the guys my honest review. This was the first negative they had but then again the gun is new. The guys working there are young college guys who are interested due to the low cost (I can relate, been there before). They all got to look at it and some might still buy one. I wish I would have taken pictures of the marking before I brought it back.

Just a little FYI for those who care.

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April 5th, 2007, 05:37 PM #2
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Posts: 17 hi, i have the same problem with my fnp40, i shipped it back for repairs, when i got it back they said they replaced the slide, the slide was new, but when they test fired it i can see were the problem is starting over again, its wearing under the p in fnp40, i am going to sell it.

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April 6th, 2007, 09:46 AM #3
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Posts: 164 Thanks for posting your experience. This is a major engineering issue at FNH with their handgun line. I hope they get this solved soon.

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