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Another from South Carolina

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Hey Everyone,
I'm Eric, a gun and car crazed 19 year old college student. Heard about this site from my friend (Vettemanc486). Lookin to purchase a FS2000 sometime this summer.

So Far My Collection:
Savage .17HMR

and dont worry...ive got a list for this summer:
Ruger Mini 14 Synthetic/Stainless
Saiga 12 Shotgun
Savage 30-06
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i stole it...so it could have been anyone

welcome, eric! looks like you have some work to do on the ol' collection. :D
ya let me tell ya....every time i go to hang with David (vettemanc486) im more motivated to buy something....i think hes bought a gun every month since dec....cant wait for the summer to finally bring in some bread....plan is too buy guns with what i get for my car.....and take out a loan for a nicer car....so ill have the best of both worlds....
longs as theres no blue oval on the grill or a LT1 inside you should be good. :x
id only drive a ford to a dealership to trade it in....and my lt1 days are OVER...LS(1,2,3,6,7,9) FTW
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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