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Another 'new guy' from Michigan

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Howdy all , Just purchased my first FNH yesterday ... ended up with a FNS-9C ... sweet little firearm !!! It's the first one my LGS got in and I had to have it since I've been drooling over one for some time . I've been following this site for awhile now so finally joined tonight . Thought I could get help here if needed . Well I do need help ... came across a forum post by Mystro recently on 'My holster collection' from 2012 . I am looking for the correct LH Blackhawk Serpa for my new FNS-9C . I use a G Code holster system with the Duty drop belt ... works with their own custom Kydex holsters or Blackhawk Serpas or Safariland with an adapter . So if anyone knows what model or # of Blackhawk Serpa I need ... please help me out !!! He mentioned a Springfield XD ... but which one ... .45 compact , XDm , standard XD ???

I'm 63 and a professional chainsaw carver and landlord up here in Michigan ... keeps me hoppin' for an old guy !

If anyone comes across Mystro or knows what I'm looking for .... have him check out the welcome forum ... thanks folks

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Welcome. Glad you joined us. Congrats on the FNS and enjoy.
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