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Hi folks. I have been lurking, and reading and have also done a few posts, but I think a formal introduction is required :D

I have owned an FN57 for a few months now. Bought it at the same time as a Beretta 92FS (yeahI like the 9mm!!). I have had both at the range already and loved the look and feel of both on the firing line.
Both guns straight out of the box were pretty accurate and obviously the 57 had much less recoil than the 92FS.
Yes, the FN57 has already gotten the attention of shooters in the lanes next to me.
I recently got laser sights for both the guns. A LaserMax red rail mount laser for the FN - cannot get grip-style for this one. I also got the Crimson Trace grip style laser for the 92FS. This has obviously thickened the grip somewhat, but my hands are big enough to cope with the change. I am 6'3 about 220lbs and neither of the guns overpower my hands.
My next objective is to get my FL CCW permit and then get decent holsters for both guns. I am open to carrying either of the two - no preference as yet, but this might change in time, from what I have read so far.
I also still have to make time to get both guns back to the range and do and laser sight adjustments,if required. Dry sighting inside the house at about 15-20ft indicate both lasers to match well with iron sights.
I will continue to lurk and read and post opinions and/or feedback when needed. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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