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My brother mounted a 3-15 x 50 weaver tactical on his sig 716 and hasn't had a problem out of it. Not sure what his round count is but he seems to be happy with the purchase. Honestly the Weaver Tac seems like a nice scope! I'm sure Weaver will take care of this w/o any problems. About 10 yrs ago, I had a 6.5-20 x50 V-X3 Leupold and sent it out to have target knobs installed. It came back and I mounted on my Rem .243W. Varmint. 5 shots in while sighting, the reticle nearly disappeared and I thought I had gone blind in 1 eye. My point is, even some of the best scope makers will flub up at times. BTW, the SCAR 17's aren't any harder on scopes then other 762 semi-auto. That rumor is just a bunch a hooey. Happy shooting!
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