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Several of the 50 states have either considered or voted to exempt themselves from federal regulations on firearms. Most often the move comes in response to new restrictions placed on guns by the federal government.
The tactic is to pass laws that prohibit the federal government from exercising any legal jurisdiction over firearms manufactured and sold only within the state that passes this law.

Kansas, for example, could approve a law that would prevent the federal government from imposing so-called "assault weapons bans" as long as such weapons are manufactured and sold within the state of Kansas. And this is precisely what Kansas has sought to do.

Other states that have introduced legislation include Alaska, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Montana.
With regard to Missouri, State Representative Chrissy Sommer, R-District 106, introduced a bill (HB 1164) in the House that would prevent the federal government from having any authority over guns manufactured and sold within the state boundaries of Missouri.

The bill further prohibits an emergency medical technician or a paramedic to be charged with firearms violations if they carry on the job, use the gun as part of the fulfillment of their duties, and possess a valid concealed carry license.

MB 1164 is part of the agenda for the new legislative session in Missouri in 2014.
The official summary of the bill, which is found on the Missouri General Assembly website, is as follows:


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