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Any 45 GAP fans here?

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Any fans of this round? I have read WHY it was created, but I still don't really see much point in it. I have my doubts if it will stick around. Of course, 10mm has stuck around, but it is not popular at all anymore.... (I know the 10mm fans here will attack me for that, but it is true)
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Well, four state LE agencies have now adopted the .45GAP.
New York State Police
Georgia State Patrol
Pennsylvania State Police
South Carolina Highway Patrol

And there has been one recorded shooting incident involving the .45GAP.
A wounded NY State Trooper did a 1-shot stop on the suspect that shot her.

Para-Ordnance and Springfield Armory are now producing micro-1911s in .45GAP.

It may now be very popular, but it's not dying out either. At most it might gain enough use/favor to be as popular as the .357SIG and failing that it'll still linger around like the 10mmAuto or .38Super.

That said, it may live on as a niche caliber for subcompact sized handguns.
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