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any date help is appreciated

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here still learning a lot about th Hi powers. I was given one for Christmas and am trying to find a mfgr date.
I know it is difficult because of several factors but thought some of the more knowledgeable members here could help.

I also have the original holster with this weapon



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Sorry about typos. Im doing this from my phone.
Your pistol was manufactured by FN @ Herstal, Belgium...post occupation, using parts produced during the German occupation...hence, the FN factory "A" prefix (signifying "Allemande" meaning "German" in French) Serial Number...in 1945 as part of the first post-occupation Belgian Military contract. The "B" suffix was added at the Belgian Military Arsenal in order to signify "Belgique" meaning Belgium in French. It was intended that the combination of the original pre-existing "A" (Allemande) prefix with the subsequently added "B" (Belgique) suffix would designate "Armee Belgique"...meaning "Belgian Army" in French, ownership. Obviously, French was/is FN's official language. Once FN used-up the existing occupation parts inventory, they dropped the factory "A" prefix and started numerical only serial...and contract, numbers once more, forcing subsequent Belgian Military contract pistols to have "AB"...and other ownership designating letter combinations, added to the serial number. Nice pistol :mrgreen:. Leather or canvas full flap holster?
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Private purchase leather shoulder holster. This piece was purchased and carried by my grandfather while he was rolling through Europe with the 1st army. The only pic I have with him and it its lying on the ground next to his helmet while he's standing in my great grandparents back yard in Holland in 44 or 45
I assumed it was post occupation from what i had read, and I thank you for the A&B clarification. I remember him telling me how as enlistedmen in his unit they had no sidearms, just carbines and rifles. The Army tried to make him turn it in, but because it was private purchase he kept it.
You are most welcome, that pic BTW would be no earlier than '45 then...
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