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Any one own a 16" barrel PBR??

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I am currently building a "compact" .308 PBR platform. Any one got any experience with a good load for this rifle? Any reports on accuracy?

The theory was to use the PBR with the 16" barrel as a starting point and then to have a full length custom reflex overbarrel suppressor fitted . The Hogue stock will be widened in order to allow the suppressor tube to fit all the way back to the action. This will giveme a good aesthetic look and makes sure the extra weight is equally distributed and not just at the end of the barrel. In "theory" this will give me a fully suppressed PBR with a over all barrel length of only 20inches. I hope to run 150gr or 155 gr projectiles.

The only thing is this PBR has never had a round through her. She has been away for 3 weeks now and is due back for testing next week. Whole rig will consist of an IOR 2-12 and a CWS bolt knob which has already been fitted. There is even a set of pod claws ready to go to keep the whole affair stable.

You would have thought I would have tested for accuracy first. But thats what you get for getting carried away

I will post result and pics when she comes back from getting worked.

Any advice other 16" PBR owners could give would be greatly appreciated.
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