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I live in North Eastern NY and was looking for someone who could help me in sorting out some reloading gear and also to give me some pointers in reloading the 5.7 I have next to NO experience with reloading other than helping my dad reload .38 Special and .45 ACP back in the early 1970s.

I inherited a good amount of reloading equipment from my father upon his death. Most of it is from the 1960s to the 1990s. Forgive me for not knowing which brands as they are all packaged away and I cannot get to them at the moment. I have complete presses that are of the following colors: red, green and blue. (I think the green one is a Rock Chucker, and the blue one might be a Dillon). I know mentioning them by color is kind of dumb, but that's about all I know about them. I also have a 12 gauge shotgun shell press NIB that I believe is a Lee. This he purchased sometime around 1999 and it has never been set up. The blue one is a multi stage (forgive my poor terminology) press that has a powder hopper and primer tube on it. I remember that it also made a buzzing noise when the primers were low or empty. I also have beam scales and assorted reamers, a rock tumbler, and loads of other equipment and powder, primers, cases, bullets, dies and brass (should I throw away the old powder and primers? Do they become dangerous with age? I've heard that powder once wet becomes very dangerous, but this is not the case with the stuff I have...it's just very old and been in storage)

One of the problems is that everything no matter what brand it was, was put into boxes combined with everything else. So, I have no clue what accessories go with what presses. That's what I need help with...trying to separate everything so that it can go with the proper press. If the blue, multi stage press is large enough for reloading 5.7 ammo, I'd like to keep that one and learn how to reload with that one.

Anyone in the area that would like to help me sort out any of this stuff and possibly teach me how to use it, I would welcome your assistance??????? :)
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