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I have a Scar17 with an 3.5x Acog on top. Works fine - love it. I have it in a Larue QD mount also.

Yet, for hunting or longer distance shots i figured it would be nice to be able to swap the acog out for a higher powered scope.

Figured as long as the other scope is in a Larue QD mount as well, this should be fairly painless and POI should be repeatable - Am I missing something?

Has anyone else tried this type of setup? Does it work or does it fail.

Other option is just buying a bolt gun of course, but figured my scar should be more accurate than I'll ever be
i have 4 optics i use on a regular basis on my scar17 plus magpul mbus sights. acog, trijicon tr24g, nightforce moar 2.5-10x32, nightforce benchrest 12-42x56. just depends on what i want to do when the scar comes out. my scar17 is submoa with handloads. i do not shoot factory ammo so i have no idea what accuracy potential is with shelf ammo.

i use adm qd mounts on these optics as they go from gun to gun. i am no fan of larue mounts as i dont like their camming design that digs into the rail.
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