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Anyone here use a Zeiss reflex red dot sight?

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Looks like they upgraded it to aluminum now. I really like this sight since it's solar/battery powered and seems to be of high quality.
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Could you elaborate? I would like to know what the negatives are if they're significant or not. That would allow me to make an informed decision. If they are minor negatives then it's no big deal.
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I plan on getting the Zeiss for a Beretta Storm, but for the PS90 I've already decided on a Eotech. 8)
Yeah I'm aware about the two versions (picatinny/weaver), that's not even an issue really. Anyway found a semi-detailed review here.


As Zeiss claims that the Z-Point is waterproof, we immersed it in 110 degree water for 10 minutes and then placed it in a freezer for 10 more. There was no leakage, bubbling or -fogging.
Some places are selling these for $400 which isn't so bad. Also these were designed for use by the German military according to Zeiss so it should be pretty good. The things I like are the automatic brightness, hybrid solar power/battery, and quick mount/dismount features.
I do agree that it looks kinda plain, however, it matches the donut shapes of the PS90's polymer frame. Anyway I think the newer version doesn't have the backup sights. Also I believe the PS90 TR already have iron sights?

Here's a picture of the new version.

metroplex said:
The PS90TR does not have iron sights.
Hmm...that's strange because the P90TR has backup iron sights right under the top rail.
Cool, looking forward to hearing your experience with the Zeiss.
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