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I am getting this nice little pistol. Unfortunately it's because my sister has left it to me in her will. She was a retired LEO who had a seven year fight with cancer and ultimately succumbed to it last month. I had tried to get more info on it last year for her but I couldn't find anything terribly helpful. She had it for about thirty years if her memory served her correctly. Some guys from the S&W forum gave me some info but not much in the way of how you determine this info. Serial number is 2D222xx. I've been told it was made in 1977, it's the airweight version of the military and police model 10. I've also read some models are not safe for shooting +P but I'd like to shoot it and don't know if this one would be included in that batch. No interest in selling it all.

Can anyone clarify or correct this info? Thanks!

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