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I picked one up about two months ago - - -

If you happen to use the red illumination at night, you will likely wind up illuminating yourself, it's That Bright even on the '1' setting. Use the green as intended.
The eye relief is about 3.75 to 4 inches, though I've used it in a scout configuration without too much problem.
The mounting is solid, with only one cross-bar it will fit either Weaver or M1913 spec rails.
I haven't been able to fully test it, but there might be slight parallax issues at short range if you don't have a consistant cheek/chin weld. Put your eye in the same spot every time and that's a non-issue.
The elevation and windage adjustments seem to be very positive, adjusting the sights first one way, then back gave a repeatable point-of-impact.
The newest model comes with rudimentary backup sights machined into the top of the sight, the oldest model does not. If you get one you could wind up with three sets of backup sights :lol:

It IS a $150 sight, not a $450 ACOG, so you get what you pay for and don't get what you didn't, enuf said. That said, unless you're in combat or facing dedicated opponents, it will give you a consistant point-of-aim. I'm happy with mine even tho I decided t mount it on something other than my PS90.
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