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Anyone try a TruGlo red dot?

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In the Cabella's catalog I received a few weeks ago, I discovered a TruGlo 30mm red dot scope with 2x magnification. A black one is $89.99. They also have another for $149.00 that has multiple reticles and works in both green and red.

Anyone try these yet? The regular 2x version with just the red dot has a 2.5 MOA dot. And, the one with the multiple reticle has a 10 MOA dot, 15 MOA peep, 3 MOA center dot and standard crosshairs.

For a 2x red dot, I think this is a pretty good deal. If I had plans to buy another rifle, I might be tempted to try this...
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OH, U liked it? I asked the same thing on another forum, and that guy said he hated it because it wasn't clear.

Guess if I ever see one out at a gunshow, I'll try looking thru it.
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