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I like that case, mine looks something like that.

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That UTG case is nice and it has tie-downs (something some cases didn't have that I looked at). Also looks a little more compact than the one I bought (and a little smaller would have been nice).

Wish I would have seen your post sooner but I am not inclined to go to the trouble of returning them so "what's done is done".

Thanks for the link to your case review.....

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Fairford said:
•FN PS-90 Case
•Black Nylon
•Heavy Padded
•Holds FN Pistol too
•Two tie down straps inside.
•Holds Three Magazines on the outside of the case.
•Holds two of the FN Pistol Magazines with the Pistol in an external Pocket.
•Nylon zipper with Guard to protect case contents.
• Lockable.
•Horizontal and/or Vertical 1.5" Carrying Strap.
•Soft inside lining.
•Full Length Zipper.

Looks pretty nice! I might order one of these!

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