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I"m still new to reloading (been reloading 223, 9mm, & 40sw)
I just received my dies for my 5.7x28

Here is my problem.

I'm wanting to use the same bullets in my 223 as my 5.7x28.
I like the 55gr load in my 223 so I wanted to use it in my 5.7x28 (as plinking ammo)

I am ordering some other grain bullets to use as hunting/percision with my 5.7 but only 50 at a time of them (I don't do it that often 50 will be a years worth of hunting ammo for me)

I have the following powders available

I have noticed some of these used on the 5.7 but not with 55gr bullets.

I use CCI #400 primers.

If anyone can give me a good starting load to use with any/all these powders I would be very greatful. I have no idea what to start with on this load. (haven't found that much data on the 5.7 around)

I know AA has data listed for #5 but not for that grain bullet..

Thanks again


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I hate to send you to that "Other" forum but there is an entire thread on load data for 55 grain bullets with various powders in the reloading section. It is a Sticky. Fourth thread down I think.

Things have calmed a little over there since I was there last.

For the most up to date re-load data I would suggest you start there.

There are some other reloaders on this forum that are working with the 55 grain (I will be shortly) so they may chime in here.

Good luck.
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