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Apex Heavy Duty striker range report

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Before going to the range I picked up the cheapest box of Russian steel cased ammo (Monarch) from the local sporting goods store just to see how they would function. I also carried some bulk Blazer brass 115 gr. I shot at 150 or more of the Blazer with no problems. I did however find 5 duds in the Russian steel cased. Looking at the primers it seemed like they had the dimples where they had been struck soundly with the striker but I have absolutely no prior experience with this or any other Russian and/or steel cased ammo so I don’t know what to expect performance wise. Everything cycled reliably if it went bang, so that’s always encouraging. Just thought I’d put this out there FYI.
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Thanks for the update.
Have you heard of anyone having trouble like this with the normal 509 strikers and Russian ammo?
Don’t believe anything negative that anyone posts about cheap steel case Russky ammo. After-all, just because it’s almost as cheap as .22 cal and steel, what could go wrong? I recommend you buy it in 1k quantities for an even more cost effective way to reduce the per round cost.
Why is it so much cheaper, why don’t more manufactures produce it and why don’t more people use it? The real question after that is, how many hundred or thousand rounds of this junk will it take before FN gets bashed because your firearm is gunked up and the barrel needs to be replaced! But then again, maybe you’ll be the exception and have good results.
LOL just bought a single box for function checking. I intentionally got the cheapest stuff so could find. Still curious if FN509 owners with factory strikers have a 5/50 dud rate that I experienced with my Apex Heavy Duty. The other bulk ammo I bought functioned flawlessly.
Thanks Shadetree I do get where you’re coming from and I am glad my 509 fed this stuff reliably. I’m really wanting this to be my “if you could have only one” type of gun hence all the concerns and such. Adding the Apex striker seems like a worthy upgrade so just thought I’d give it a wide range of ammo to see how it runs. Appreciate all the input!
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