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Apex striker equals "light" primer strikes?

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So I recently picked up a new old stock FNS-9. I really like the handgun and preemptively swapped out the factory striker with a heavy duty version from Apex instead of sending in to FN for replacement. I took the gun to the range and ran 150 rounds flawlessly. The primer strike however looked "smaller" on the spent casing versus the first 100 rounds I ran with the factory striker. When dry firing with the original striker my Pink Rhino laser round works fine but no luck/laser light with the Apex which kinda aligns with my observations of lighter strike; it's strong/long enough to fire a round but not engage the laser.

For those who have done the same upgrade, is this typical? It does run like a champ with the heavy duty striker which is a big positive but not working with the laser round for dry fire/practice may be a deal breaker...
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What type of ammunition are you using?
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