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Colt Vs. FN

Colt builds the M4
FN builds the M16A4 (flat top/20" barrel)

Two different government contracts.

FN has plans to bid on a contract to build the M4 also. :shock:

"FN’s stakes in military contracts could grow in the next couple of years.

Next year, the company will compete for a contract to build the Army’s M4 carbine, a deal worth hundreds of millions that could increase FN’s Columbia work force by up to 100 workers, said Jean-Louis Vanderstraeten, FN Manufacturing’s chief executive officer.

The company also could benefit from a brewing controversy over the M4 carbine, a version of the M-16 with a shorter stock that is made by competitor Colt. Some Congressional leaders are critical of the M4. They are pushing the military to consider weapons from other manufacturers, including FN Manufacturing."

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