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Are vertical foregrips a necessity on the SCAR?

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I'm not a SCAR owner yet (17S hopefully soon) but from searching the internet and looking at some videos it seems that a vast majority of owners/shooters have a vertical grip of some sort.

Is there something about the SCAR's fore-end that causes a lot of folks to put on a vertical grip?

Is it too wide to grip comfortably or is it because of the lack of handguard space like the KAC RAS found on the M4 and M4A1 Carbine?

I don't use a vertical grip on my AR-15's to get the best accuracy possible so I was hoping that my habits and set-up on the SCAR 17 could closely mimic what I usually do.

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I use a FAB Defense PTK, with a VTS on the side rail. I really love it, as so have the people who've shot my SCAR.
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