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Hello again,

In the final phases of my SCAR mods. The light is the last thing.

I will be mounting a Modlite PLHv2 18650 w/ DS-SR07. I'd like to mount the Arisaka Offset Scout Mount Picatinny because it seems like my hand naturally rests in that position (w/ Magpul AFG-2). However, the SCAR has the sling loops on either side of the front face.

BLUF: Will the SCAR sling loops interfere with mounting a Modlite PLHv2 18650 w/ DS-SR07 on Arisaka Offset Scout Mount Picatinny. Removing the sling loop plate is not an option.

Thanks for any information you can provide. If you could post pictures if you have'em, that'd be swell.
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