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Armalite AR10 range report

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okay, so today i went to the range to sight in and get to know my new rifle, an Armalite AR-10.

Heres my Results:

Likeness to an ar15: almost everything feels the same but the weight, its a tad more strenuous to shoot offhand due to the extra weight, but it makes up for it with the midlength handguard.
-The midlength handguard makes the rifle comfortable to balance because you have the capability to have a broad holding platform

Recoil:I'll admit, the recoil is a little higher than i expected, id say its more than an m14 type rifle, so your shots have to be a little slower to stay on target

Magazines/Feeding Though it is a little bit of a drag to have 10-20 round magazines, instead of 30, the .308/7.62x51 is a much larger round so thats ok
- If you have gen1, or (ban) mags, with the little button sticking out the back,, you have to push the mag in a little harder for it to go in, they dont go in as smoothly as the new gen2 magazines
- Feeding was flawless for me, you can either push the bolt release or charge it, it works like a charm, it seems to be due to the overbuilt parts that use sheer inertia to move forward

-it almost feels like the weapon pushes you forward when the next round feeds

Accuracy: While having a 16'' barrel on a .308 rifle, i expected close range, >100yards, to be inconsistent, that wasn't the case.
- The group actually stayed at 1.5'' from 50yards 100 yards

Ammunition Tolerance I used both Federal and Portuguese surplus and not only did the grouping stay uniform, but the AR-10 operated without a hiccup

My conclusion:

The Armalite AR-10 is a great battle rifle ranging $1200-1400 dollars in price, that gives you with the basic makeup and aura of the AR15, but with a much larger bullet.

I fired over 200 rounds, right out of the box, without any Failures

The nice thing about the AR-10 being .308 is that you can hunt big game, or use it as a semi long range precision rifle, and of course the stopping power of the .308 round

The nice thing about the AR-10 being similar to the AR15, it is very modular, you can put whatever optics, rails, pistolgrips, back up sights, etc, you want on it

The only downsides i see are:

-The gas system, same as the AR15, pushes all the gas back into the weapon, but you can avoid problems by cleaning your rifle after every few hundred rounds

- Magazines are expensive, they range from 30-60 dollars a piece

Over all, a great gun for a reasonable price.
Its accurate, and shares the AR15s ruggedness, and modularity

ill be taking it with me for my pig hunt in Texas this summer, ill let you guys know how i did :shock:
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$30-60 for mags........I had no idea. :evil:
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