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I have an ATN on my PS90, you can see pictures of it in this thread http://fnforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=1092

I had it slide mounted on my Glock 20 since Dokter Optics was kind of MIA at the time, and before I even got around to using it the mount for that application was recalled, but I decided I'd give it a shot anyway and it was a total failure, there was simply no way the screws would ever stay tight with the forces involved with that sight being slide mounted, even more so on a 10mm, also it switched off because of the battery being jarred from the recoil, but that was an easy fix as was mentioned.

Later I milled down the standard bracket it came with to fit into the rear sight grove of the PS90 and have been happy with it in that use so far, it has a nice field of view, the housing is slim and doesn't block vision much, gives me a good cheek weld and it has three recticle patterns. Is it as well built as Eeotech/Aimpoints?.. no, but it's much cheaper.

I think it'd be well suited for some people. I probably wouldn't have it on my PS90 if I didn't already have it since I get the feeling I'd be much more happy with a 2X sight of some kind on it.
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