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On December 15 i had my B-day and my uncle came up with a few of his gus and we had a lot of fun! First up is the Walther P99 in 9mm-I was very impressed with the gun, loved the de-cocker, shot very well! / Next is the Sig 229- everything good that you have herd about this gun is true but people say that it has so much more kick then a 9mm but i could not tell a difference/ Ok Fs2000- This was the coolest gun ever and the subject came up that if you had a round chambered and you went to extract the round would it go throw the ejection port? Yes it will- i thought i might not but it will, loved the fowored ejection! / ps90- Very cool gun to shoot, loved the feel of the gun and was one of my favorite guns of all time to shoot! / m1a- the scope was off so we where not hitting the target where we wanted but it was still a cool gun to shoot, i dont know about yall but i thought that a .308 would kick a little more than that. / M1 Garand- holy crap that was sweet. My uncle and i where trying to find out how the gun KNOWS that the clip is empty so that it can eject the clip? Can someone point me in the right diriction to find out how this guns works? thanks. Well there where a few more but thos where the main one's.
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