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Just got back from the range. Shot my HK USP 9, 50 rounds(4050), FNP40, 200 rounds (900). 100 rounds were WWB 165gr, 50 rounds were JHP 180gr WWB, 10 rounds were Speer Gold Dot 180gr JHP and the final 40 were Magtech Guardian Gold 155gr JHP. Those Magtech Guardian Gold are AWESOME!!!!!! They are a HOT 40, recoil wasn't that much different than the FMJ WWB, I think the Hogue Handall has something to do with that. Another shooter had a G22 and let me fire the Magtech through it, the Glock shot great, but the recoil bit too much after each shot, all that plastic has its disadvantages, I think its the design of the Glock that makes it "bite" when hot 40's are run through it, it was fine with regular WWB through it. The owner agreed when he shot some Magtech through it, he might get a Hogue Handall as well.
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