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Special thanks to J.K. for sponsoring this test in full.

Cartridge : SS195 FMJ and SS197 ballistic tip

Firearm : FN PS90 rifle and FN 5.7 (5.7x28mm) pistol

Block calibration : Depths corrected where noted (From 9.4cm @ 587 ft/sec)

The SS195 and SS197 cartridges were tested from both a 5.7x28mm rifle and handgun against bare gelatin and heavily-clothed gelatin (4 layers of 14.1 ounce denim fabric) at 10' distance.

Shot 1 - FN PS90 firing SS197 at bare gelatin. Shot impacted at 2054 ft/sec, penetrated to 9.6" (corrected) and was recovered at 26.9gr weight and
0.373" average diameter.

Shot 2 - FN PS90 firing SS197 at heavy clothing. Shot impacted at 2063 ft/sec, penetrated to 9.2" (corrected) and was recovered at 23.2gr weight and 0.352" average diameter. Please note that the maximum penetration depth was for a small bullet fragment - the major part of the bullet penetrated to 9.0" depth (corrected).

Shot 3 - FN 5.7 firing SS197 at heavy clothing. Shot impacted at 1932 ft/sec, penetrated to 10.6" (corrected) and was recovered at 25.8gr weight and 0.312" average diameter.

Shot 4 - FN PS90 firing SS195 at heavy clothing. Shot impacted at 2128 ft/sec, penetrated to 9.9". Bullet tumbled at 1.2" penetration and righted itself at ~ 5.6" depth. Bullet recovered in one piece at 27.8gr weight.

Shot 5 - FN 5.7 firing SS195 at heavy clothing. Shot impacted at 1999 ft/sec, penetrated to 9.3" depth with total core/jacket separation. Bullet tumbled at ~ 4.0" penetration and the core and jacket separated tracks at ~ 6.7" depth.

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