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Barrel length question

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Are there generally any rifles available on the market with 16" barrels instead of the 17.4" ones? I found some great pictures of one a while ago, and I was hoping it wasn't a custom cut job.


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From what ive heard, you can get a class 3 dealer to buy a real F2000 barrel, and have it sent to a welder and permanently attach the flashhider

or, you can choose a flashider of your choosing to be welded/blindpinned on

if you do this, you must weld/blind pin it on to ensure 16'' legal length permanently

as far as cutting the barrel, the muzzlebreak is blindpinned on, and the threads are extended and left hand threaded

so whoever cut it would have to either remove the blindpin and find a left hand threaded flash hider or just cut behind the entire muzzle brake

dont forget about the 27 OAL rule too, so many rules
well you should remove your barrel prior to cutting it

i wouldnt recommend doing it with the barrel still on the weapon
as long as you stay within your minimum over all length and minimum barrel length, you shouldnt get too close..

i havent seen a problem so far, my buddy has a shorter barrel on his fs2000 and a real f2000 and they both operate just fine

the military f2000 has a 15.75 inch barrel, so i wouldnt recommend going shorter than that
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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