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i just picked up a FNP-9 GREAT pistol, and it definatly lives up to the FN reputation.

a few thoughts about this and future FNP pistols that i will own once released,. the only improvement needed that i see would be the ability to go quiet when i wanted to,. that means i need to be able to attach a suppressor.

Will a threadded barrel ever be available?,. if not anytime soon or if you decide to not produce a threadded barrel is there a barrel maker that you guys would trust or recomend to make the 9mm and .45cal. barrels that would be slightly longer so i can have it threadded for a suppressor.

eventually my FN pistols will be equiped with a threaded barrel one way or the other,. but it would be nice to have a FN barrel in a FN pistol.

i know you guys have had questions about threaded barrels before,. and for what ever reason not everyone wants to make a threadded barrel,. but look at what happened with Walther when they did not offer threaded barrel for the P-99's or P-22's,. the customers went out and had them made. at least SIG offers a factory threadded barrel with some of there little .22LR pistols

even if it is not a standard production item would there be a way to get a threaded barrel on a custom order basis?

thank you for your time.
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