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pike3 said:
I have been reading and looking at all pics about the barrel removal and see that there are 3 springs that surround the barrel.
1 (visible) at the take down push button to remove the reciever from the stock.
1 visible long spring that surround the barrel and pushes the bolt back and forth.
1 (small not visible) that I take it surounds the barrel and is covered by the barrel shroud.

My question is about the last small covered spring.
What is its purpose and where is it located inside the shroud?

Is it located near the front of the stock where the shroud starts, or further up towards the flash hider?
That last small covered spring is the barrel recoil spring. When firing the weapon, the barrel recoils back and forth. It's located inside the front of the receiver, just behind the flash hider.

In another thread that I've read, if you plan on using a silencer for your SBR, you don't want to use that silencer all the time. The reason for this is that since the silencer adds weight to the front of the barrel, the recoil of the barrel along with the weight of the silencer will make that nice round hole where the barrel goes through the front of the receiver into an oval hole over time. This also applies to those who use the CMMG fake silencer on their out-of-the-box PS90's.
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