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Barska Optics Loaded Gear RX-300 40" Tactical Rifle Bag for your SCAR 17s?

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Anyone have this case for your SCAR? How do you like it ? is it durable? Found it for $96.94 and need a case badly. I've searche the form but didn't see this case or have any exp with Barska. Any and all info will help thanks.
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I had bought one when they first came out, because it is one of the very few 40" bags so the length seemed just right for a 17S. Unless they took my advice and changed the interior layout of the bag, the inside makes no sense. There is no practical way to stabilize or attach the weapon, the foldout pad/mat wouldn't cover the entire gun. And there was definitely no way you could carry two rifles without them banging each other up. Honestly, I called Barska and talked to a rep and asked if something was missing or if I just wasn't understanding how to set up the bag properly. The rep said what I was describing didn't make sense, so he went to their warehouse and got one. He ended up telling me I was right and that he couldn't understand how it was supposed to be set up or how you were meant to safely carry two rifles. He told me to go ahead and send it back to the place I got it, and to contact him if there were any issues with the return. He agreed with me that it looked like some designer threw everything they could into the bag to make it look cool without understanding what the bag is actually used for.

So, unless you can get a good look at the interior before you buy, I'd avoid it.

I ended up with an Elite Survival Systems 36" Covert Operations case. I can actually fit two SCAR 17S in it (no optics). I also modded it slightly to keep the rifles from printing at all and help keep the bag from sagging at all by adding in rigid corrugated plastic panels into the spaces where the foam panels are.
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Thank you for a detailed reply.

BI12032 Loaded Gear RX-300 40” Tactical Rifle Bag - RX Series from those pics it looks as if you're right

this one is way cheaper and you can see straps. thanks for steering me the right way

BI12028 Loaded Gear RX-100 48” Tactical Rifle Bag - Tactical Gear
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