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This looks interesting

"The newest offering by Beamshot TAG division. “Tactical Advantage Group”
BEAMSHOT is proud to introduce our newest innovative universal rail mounted laser sight for tactical handguns. This system offers an integrated quality green beam laser sight. This Greenbeam laser sights offer true daylight visible laser sight operations. Innovative toggle switch function make close quarter operations natural, so focus is on the situation at hand not the operation of your equipment. Linear windage and elevation adjustment and a lightweight compact design make this product the ideal chose for professional who depend on their equipment.

1. Ambadextrious Momentary/Constant on/off toggle switch design.
2. Innovative quick attach/detach weapon rail mounting system. (patent pending)
3. Powered by one CR123A battery that provides approximate 4 hours continuous laser use.
4. Exceptional glass laser lens produce better beam focus for more accurate target acquisition.
5. Light weight compact design make weapon handling comfortable and natural.
6. Shock resistant.

Available colors: Black (type III hard anodized)
Dimensions (L x ø): 3.78″(L) x 1.57″(W) x 1.7″(H)
Weight: 5.22 oz.(including battery)
Battery Life: 4 hrs / 1xCR123A
Laser Operation: An ambidextrous Momentary and Constant-On switch
Output power: <5mW, CL IIIa
Dot size: 1/2″@ 10 yards, 5″@ 100 yards
Windage & Elevation adjustment: 3 ft. @ 10 yards, 30 ft. @ 100 yards
Wavelength / Range: 532 nm / 500 yards (nighttime range)

Head : Aerospace-grade Aluminum
Body : Durable plastic

For more information on this and other BEAMSHOT products, visit www.beamshot.com

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That looks nice.

I did the green laser thing in Dec 2006 when I first got my PS90. The one I had was too damn bright to use inside. It lit up a completely dark room like a flashlight. And, it hurt my eyes to look at the dot on the wall if it was closer than 7 yards. Plus, it reflected off of so many surfaces.

I had it reflect off of a glazed vase and sparkle into my eye for a split second.

They are too dangerous (depending on the power) unless you only use it outside. I could see it at over 100 yards on a bright sunny day, and the range was over 1000 yards at night.

I'm no longer a green laser fan.

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Well - it would be a blast at the outdoor rifle range. But, my PS90 doesn't have tons of rail space. I mainly wanted an indoor laser, and, I didn't want to have 2 lasers mounted, so I ended up selling the laser to someone who wanted it for outdoor use.

I kinda want to get one of those thin lasermax red lasers for my PS90. Right now, I took all the stuff off my side rails as my gun had gotten too bulky for me.
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