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Belt Fed Info

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I've been thinking about picking up a belt fed rifle. I've looked at the Valkyrie Armament BSR rifles and also the Ares Defense Shrike AMG. I'm sure someone has posted on these but I couldn't dig it up. I feel that the Ares Shrike would be a better purchase , however I have not handled either one. I am leaning toward the shrike because of the ease of changing from linked ammunition to mag fed without making any changes to the rifle at all. With the Valkyrie BSR you have to pull the rear take down pin on the lower receiver and pull the belt fed mechanism out before it will feed a magazine. With Valkyrie you have to either send your lower to them to make changes to it or buy their lower receiver. With the shrike, no changes need to be made to your lower receiver nor do you need to purchase theirs. I don't feel like a full auto rifle is necessary (for me) but the tac-con 3MR trigger will probably be in it for sh#ts and giggles. The Shrike has a quick change barrel system and that I like though not necessary if the rifle isn't fully automatic. Then again, why own a BFR that's not. I like that the Ares is piston driven not gas impingement as well. I'm just talking it through my head (though I think I've made my choice) and I thought I'd see if anyone else may own either and see if they had any input. Thanks in advance.
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if it is not full auto what is the purpose? just asking?
if it is not full auto what is the purpose? just asking?
Looks cool.

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if it is not full auto what is the purpose? just asking?
I kinda said that in the thread, that's why I would put a tac-con trigger in it. The purpose in owning one, for me, is just to own a belt fed rifle. Pretty plain and simple. I'm human, I want stuff I don't have and if I can afford it why not. Just another something to play with at the range I suppose.
Hey you got me sold on it : ). Having a belt fed would be cool, and if that tac con trigger works as advertised you will have some fun for sure.
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If you want a belt fed AR there's really one 1 choice, but I think you knew that. I've sold several Shrikes and you have to fiddle with them a bit to get them broken in they do work and don't require permanent mods to the lower.
Well if your heart isn't set on an ar platform you should check out one of these RPD SHORT rifle semi auto 7.62 X 39mm
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