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Anyone have any more info on this weapon?

"This rifle was overlooked by most people at AUSA but was one of the few truly ALL NEW products on display. It is called the NRX180 and looks like it is an attempt at the competition for a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon). It doesn’t take many parts from anything else out there. The stock is adjustable and folds over to collapse the length, which would come in handy if the military asked for a shorter barrel. This one was about 16″, suggesting that…. Beretta could sell a semi-auto version to the civilian market!

The forend barrel cover is also part of the upper receiver. It is hard to say if the action borrows from anything, but there is a chance that this is something completely new - we weren’t actually able to take it apart :). The charging handle can be switched to either side, adding to the ambidextrous feel of this rifle. The pistol grip is smooth (different these days), reminiscent of an HK G3-style grip. The controls are ambidextrous, which is appearing to be an important requirement for gun manufacturers these days, and this rifle had four sling location points (suggesting a use with many different types of slings) and standard flip-up sights. The Aimpoint CompM3 featured in the picture is for display purposes only. With this length of barrel, this rifle could be easily set up for longer ranges of 100-yards-plus."
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