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CHICAGO, IL - A billboard touting assault rifles as "Pure American" as baseball and apple pie is stirring up controversy.
Thousands of cars pass by the billboard in Chicago every day alongside a giant rifle is the American flag and Second Amendment in one corner and the Christian fish and the Statue of Liberty in the other.
Slide Fire, the company behind the advertisement, is promoting how its product can effectively modify an assault rifle from semi to fully automatic.

Annette Holt, who lost her son to gun violence, calls the billboard outrageous but gun dealer Louie Asanon sells the product and is defending the billboard saying "guns are American'.

"I just think it's inappropriate to advertise something like that, if you just want to advertise a gun, advertise a gun, but don't put things with it that are going to encourage young people, especially teenagers and children that that's what goes together with it because it doesn't it," Holt said.

"Guns are American, you got the Second Amendment which everybody stands by, you and its right to bear arms and it's just another feature of bearing arms." Asanon said.

Many people believe that if the product gets into the wrong hands it could cause serious concerns for police and public safety. But supporters say law abiding users just enjoy the fun of rapid fire shooting.

See News Report: Billboard Touting Assault Rifle Stirs Up Controversy - Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29
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