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I purchased my FNS 9c in Dec of 2020.I immediately had it sent back for the safety recall to replace the striker. I'm actually surprised I was sold the gun in that condition, but that's another story.
Since then the gun has worked flawlessly until 2 weeks ago. Now the rounds do not always load all the way into the chamber, could be the first round, 2nd, 5th. could go a whole magazine with no issue. I have tried 4 different brands of good ammo, 5 different magazines. I clean the firearm after every range visit. I have shot 700 to 800 rounds total. Not a lot. The recoil spring still appears to be strong. The problem isn't on every load. Again, the gun has worked flawlessly until 2 weeks ago.
I'm new to this but take good care of my firearms. My wife's firearm with no issues, same ammo, and I maintain it. I don't thing it;s a cleaning issue, this just started and I have been cleaning the firearms since we got them.

Any ideas, suggestions? I am ready to send ti in for repairs, I bout the extended warranty after finding out about the already great warranty FNH has. Price of being new and ignorant.
Thanks in advance!
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