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Black Spider Optics.

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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Black Spider Optics. Nearest I can tell, they are really new and related somehow to Spike's Tactical, although their site doesn't mention it. I picked one up at my LGS for super cheap, way under MSRP, and MSRP is about 180 ish.... and internet is saying 10,000 hours of run time on a AAA with a 3 MOA dot. No online reviews, anything. Any one have any experience? I'll relay mine as I use it, but it seems pretty decent quality for the price and the glass is fairly clear. The camera phone didn't pick up the dot very well. I am inside in a well lit room and it is a little brighter than that. Outside with a new battery, the dot is still easily visible, even against a white backdrop in the AZ sun, I haven't gotten to try a dead battery. The auto bright setting is near instantaneous. The power button and the brighter button are positive in feel, the dimmer button is not so much. I haven't gotten to shoot it yet, but I'm taking it out this weekend and putting it on the SCAR-17 since I know that's hard on cheap optics, and I'll update then. Mostly positive so far. Absolute co-witness with my MBUS sights. Doesn't wash out with the light from my WML. Indoors, the dot bleeds a little. So far, I'm saying 4/5. that button kind of irks me, but it works, so more of a pet peeve. And I haven't shot it yet.

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