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Blade-Tech IWB Holster

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Has anyone used the Bladetech IWB (IDPA Approved) holster for the FNP9/40? I want a reasonably priced IWB holster for my FNP9 and bladetech does make one for that specific model, but I wanted the feedback before I spent 70 dollars.
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All I know is that I bought a Bladetech UCH and it was horrible -

Not comfortable, not concealable, not practical

For IWB I only go to Crossbreed and Comptac

Does it have to be "IDPA Approved"?

ETA: Just checked Comptac - they don't have FNPs listed, I would email them - I consider them top of the line.

I'd get the CTAC model, or the MTAC model

Good luck choosing!
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No, it doesn't have to be IDPA Approved, just a good concealable IWB holster that won't print and will move comfortably with my body. That being said, do you know any specific ones that fit that description?
MTAC by Comptac and I've heard Crossbreed holsters are great also.
Is Kydex your material choice? If not then I would suggest that you look into a Milt Sparks Versa Max II or Summer Special or the less costly Watch Six. If you don't mind waiting. They are currently working on orders placed in April. So the typical wait is about 20 to 25 weeks.

Otherwise I agree with the Comp-Tac or Crossbreed suggestions. I rate these two of the best in Kydex. Comp-Tac has a IWB holster you might like called the Infidel here it is.

If you want a really comfortable and really concealable IWB, go to http://www.rmholsters.com and order his "Low Rider" for the Springfield XD 4". It fits the FNP-9 perfectly, takes about two weeks to get and costs $54.90 including shipping.
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