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Blade-Tech UCH holster for the FNP-45...with PICS

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ok all, this is my first shot at posting pics here. im not good with reviews, so take what u can and ask me for specifics if more info is needed. as stated this is about the blade-tech UCH (ultimate concealment holster) made specifically for the FNP-45...they make it for other guns as well, so not exclusive for the FNP-45.

basically in a nutshell, i really like this holster. its very light, yet strong and seems to be durable. it has a very thin profile and for the FNP45 it seems to make it much thinner once the gun is in it. the edges are all smoothed over and make it very easy to slide the holster in the pants.

the s-type hook slides over the waistband easily. you can either feed your belt through the loop or maneuver it through the s-hook and it locks in place. there is not much movement and the gun is in place aided by the snug fit of your belt.

the holster does not come with the tension very snug, i suggest you use a philips head screw driver and tighten a bit to your desired level. remember your belt will also add a bit of tension as well, so dont tighten to much as you wouldnt want to hinder your draw.

the interior of the holster is very nice and shiny. it is smoothed out and will not harm the finish of your gun. made very durable so it will take the abuse of usage.

the holster feels great on and makes this gun absolutely concealable. it rides pretty low so if you are used to the higher ride of the m-tac from comp-tac, this will take a lil getting used to. its a really good feel actually. the holster comes already set with a cant (forward body incline, fbi), but you can adjust and make it a straight drop. i have worn it both ways and decided i like the cant better as it didnt hinder me getting a full grip when drawing.

i really like that both of the mag realease buttons are also exposed and so is the decocker on both sides. this is great for topping of the magazine or moving the hammer to single action while in holster if needed. if you decide not to fire you can decock the gun while in holster. that is not always recommended as it is always preferred to point the gun in a safe direction when decocking...but for tactical purposes it may be useful.

with no further a do, here are the pics. (these were taken with my htc touch pro, so they aren't very high quality...yeah i know, i need to get a real camera, lol)

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Blade tech

Nice job thanks! Can the cant be adjusted to wear cross-draw? BTW have you tried the new range on 8 mile/Telegraph yet?
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