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Bought Optic, Now Mount Choice!

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I finally made a decision and bought a Trijicon TA44 Green Circle/Dot 1.5x Mini ACOG for my PS90!

Trijicon ACOG 1.5x16 Scope, Circle Dot Reticle w/ Short M16 Base Housing, Amber Ring TA44S-10, Red Ring TA44SR-10 w/ FREE Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier 1471 FREE S&H TA44SR-10-KIT, TA44SR-10, TA44SG-10, TA44S-10-KIT, TA44S-10. Trijicon ACOG Rifle

<sadnote>My dealer messed up my Form 4 and added the "Created On <date>" as part of the trust name at the ATF's direction so it went into problem status, adding a couple of weeks</sadnote>

However, I need to figure out which mount to go with so I can shoot this thing when it comes in. People assure me you can remove the top rail of a PS90 standard (which is what I think I have, I haven't seen the receiver in 6 months!).

The question is, Larue mount or TROS mount? I love Larue mounts and use them on everything. I'm a big guy so I don't want to hunch down, but I know keeping the optic as low is possible is what the TROS mount does best. I've heard mostly positives about both with the exception of the one guy that thought the TROS mount was allowing for horizontal POI shift. Any experience with TROS or Larue mounts on ACOGS? Advice solicited!

Last remaining choice (I hope):

Larue Mount
LaRue Tactical ACOG Compact Mount QD LT105 | LaRue Tactical


TROS Mount
PS90 Ultra Low Optics
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