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Brite-Strike Technologies Handheld Tactical Lights

I recently began the process of modernizing what I would call my tactical kit although many of the pieces within the kit serve multiple purposes one of those in particular stands out and is worthy of a review. While researching tac lights I came across Brite-Strike Technologies what I found was impressive, the company was founded by LEO's and I think we'd all agree they know a thing or two about tac lights. There are no doubt tac lights made and configured to suit anyone's fancy and budget. I personally am not independently wealthy and seek to purchase the best my money can afford and I chose Brite-Strike. I purchased three of their lights a 2-cell (123A) version called the BD-198-MH-2C with a medium and high setting, a 1-cell (123A) version called the BD-180-MH-1C also with medium and high settings as I really don't need the strobe function which both of these lights can be had with and finally the 2-cell (AAA) EPLI what Brite-Stike calls the Executive Precision Lighting Instrument.

The neatest of the three in my opinion is the EPLI which can only be had in Medium/High/Strobe, I made the mistake -which I will never do again- of thinking eh, just a fancy little penlight right? WRONG! I unpackaged it, installed the two provided AAA batteries, pointed it right at my face then turned it on, DO NOT ATTEMPT! This little penlight no bigger than a Sharpie will hurt you, I mean HURT YOU! It sports 160 lumens of tightly collimated concentrated into a very small pinpoint beam of optic nerve penetrating and debilitating light. Once the green dots finally cleared -about ten minutes later- I read the instructions and found it had a strobe function, cool I thought, I don't need it but what the hell. Thinking a little smarter since my first encounter with its power I pointed at a mirror this time, you know it really doesn't matter what you point something at, if it reflects and it's pointed at your face, well you can guess what happened next. Yep, there's clearly a reason LEO's use the strobe settings on their tac lights. This EPLI is very well made of aircraft grade aluminum and I suppose in a pinch you could use it to poke little circle size divots in an assailant if you had to but you'd probably blind them first.

The other two lights are your garden variety with a twist, the switch cover is blue what Brite-Stike refers to as the "Tactical Blue Dot" and you can't miss it. These too are very well constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and the fit and finish like the EPLI is flawless. They both have heavy-duty replaceable belt clips which I can't see being broken unless your using it for something it wasn't intended or designed to do. The switch requires positive pressure to lock-on and much, much less for the momentary function a feature I find would be beneficial for LEO's alas it was designed by Cops for Cops and they did a yeoman's job of it as well. All three were reasonably priced and would make a welcome addition to anyone's tactical kit.

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BD-198-MH-2C 2-cell
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BD-180-MH-1C 1-cell
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Tactical Blue Dot switch
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