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Broken end of cartidge in barrell

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I just finished shooting (2) 50 round mags through my PS90 today and had inserted my 30 rnd mag. The next shot fired but when it did the bullet end of the cartridge blew off into the barrel. The next round slammed into the broken part defoming it substantially. I must be a little slow because I tried two more rounds with same results. I'm used to the AR's and sometimes you just need to hit them harder. I am using brand new factory rounds, SS197SR in the white and Blue box. I am going to have to find out how to extract the case and try to find out why this happened. Any other experience with this out there?
My wifes purse was stolen today, the gun jammed up, and the garden pitchfork broke. That should be my trouble in three's, time to move on.
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Thankyou, I had to suspend my wifes cell phone. The gal from the phone company was in Texas, we had a great second ammendment conversation. You all in Texas have a much greater understanding than do our West Coast cities. Thankyou for your support. Semper Fi
Thankyou, for that great advice. I sent an email to FNUSA yesterday and will post their response. This is a little crazy, all systems were normal, I want to reload but that will come latter. I bought 2000 round from CMMG and a brass catcher. I would think this would be a possiblity with reload considering all the neck deformation that happens. But not with new ammo.
I am waiting to hear from FN before I break this down. The bullet is gone and the bore looks good. I'm sure this has happened before and FN whould have the fix.
Remembering the Fallen and their families.
Update, I emailed FNUSA on saturday, they (Bob) called first thing this morning. This event has not happened on a P90 or PS90 to his knowledge. This has happened on the five and seven due to it's design differences. The problem may be in the gun and not the ammo.
FN is picking up my unit on Thursday, I also expressed the concern that the spent cartridges from my gun seem to deform dramitically at the shoulder. I am sending samples along with.
I have to say that I am very impressed so far with their level of concern and customer service. :D
Thankyou, I just fixed the rig up real nice and upped my Ninja score. Now I need to put it all back into the original config for the return trip. Oh Well, it's good to have the practice. Thanks again 8)
FNUSA picked up my PS90 last Thursday, it went to their repair facility in MO. I am looking forward to getting it back, or another like it.
I will update when I hear from my new freinds.
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