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OK, here we go.
First post after Welcome page.

For those that didn’t read that, I purchased an FNP-40 about 2 weeks ago. Got it home and during the pre-range cleaning discovered that there was a broken piece of plastic near the hammer. Went on the intardnet and discovered this place. Some research and found out that this was not uncommon a while back. (My FNP-40 was test fired in December of 2006.)

Called Bob in Missouri and found out he was on vacation until the 20th, yesterday.
Called yesterday and left a message. Today he called me and we had a pleasant conversation, although he sounded quite busy. Says some here call him “FN Bob”.

To make a long story even longer, not only is he mailing the UPS stuff for return for repair (4 to 6 weeks :( ), I talked him into sending me one of the shooters packs even though I had bought the gun after the deadline. :D

More to come as the saga continues.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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