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So if someone decided to undertake one of the cornerstones of the Black Rifle Brigade, building your own AR-15/M4 from the ground up, what advice on manufactures to use for the various parts and who to avoid would you give?

Any suggestions on:

Lower Receivers
Upper Receivers
Trigger group
Etc (What I missed)


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This is just mmy suggestion, others may have better info.

Aimsuplus has some STAG lowers for sale pretty cheap. I would start there. I also buy a lower receiver parts kit there at the same time if I need one.


I like to get the RRA 2 stage match trigger set and the 6 position RRA butt stock. (since the lower parts kit has a trigger set also, you will have some parts left over)
http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Rock-River-Arms-Tactical-Trigger-p/rra - trigger.htm


I like to use del-ton.com for either fully assembled uppers or the individual parts. Call them on the phone and tell them what you want to do. The M4 barrel will probably be in short supply right now.


There are different quailty bolts and carrier groups. spend as much as you can afford here is my advice.

Get a reciever vise for putting the barrel into the reciever.

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I'll throw in too.....

I am a big fan of the LMT Defender lowers with the SOPMOD stocks. You can find them on ARFdotcom for about $435. I also really like the MIAD full grip kits - they feel great and you can swap the front and rear straps around until you find a combo you like. Start with the defender lower with the SOPMOD stock, replace the Ergo grip with the MIAD kit and then go buy a couple of uppers that meet your needs and don't look back!

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These are just my suggestions, as usual YMMV.

I would suggest Bravo Company's Mil-spec M16 bolt carrier group also their bolt extractor parts upgrade kit.

If you would like a tight fitting upper and lower receivers I would recommend Rock River Arms (RRA).

Other brands of recievers are fine but don't get any carbon material, stick with aluminum forged material.

I've had good luck with Stag Arms and RRA lower parts kit but others like Bushmaster, Armalite, and major factory brands are also good.

Stag Arms/ CMT and RRA furniture are OK.

Just stay away from Blackthorne, Vulcan Armament, and Hesse brands.

Ref: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/
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