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Bushnell Elite Tactical LRS 3-12x44

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Anyone running this scope?

Bushnell - LRS 3-12x 44mm

Is 3-12 too much for the Scar 17? To me this a battle rifle. I like the idea of 12 but not having a true 1x power makes me think if I go with anything more than 1x power I will need to run a MRD on a 45 degree offset mount. I like the size/look on the Bushnell 1-8.5 and Leupold MK8 1.1-8 but are they just not enough? Is the size of the 3-12 too big (13+ inches long). I like the G2 reticle but its not illuminated so I was considering the BTR-MIL reticle.

Looking for some feedback. Should I go 1-8.5 or 3-12? If anyone is running this scope I would love to see pictures.
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Not running it, but if you have the funds for 1-8x then go for it. I have a 1-4x on my AR-15, and find the true 1x very useful. Look up range reports on magnification vs range. A good rule of thumb is 1x magnification for every 100 yards, but that isn't from experience. Good luck!
Edit: Going to run a 2.5-10x on my Maten when funds allow (maybe that will help you).
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