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Bushnell holosight opinions

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Anyone have any experience with the bushnell holosight? I know its an eotech core with a bushnell body. The only differences are the buttons and no shroud. They have been coming down in price lately. A couple on ebay for around $220 + $10 ship and some on gunbroker for same price. Thats over a hundred dollars less than the eotech! I can live without the shroud. If I drop my 90 I'd be more worried about the frame breaking than the sight. Just curious as I have only seen eotechs on everyone 90s. I want to replace my cheap ebay Cmore fake (it only cost $30-im so ashamed)
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I believe the battery life isn't quite as good as "revision F" on the Eotehc 511.

I knocked the hell outta my eotech once by accident. Didn't even leave a mark on the hood. However, if I would have had a Bushnell on my PS90 - it would have been broken really nicely... I think the EOtech is worth it. :?
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