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I'm specifically looking at the tactical tailor 7 shell holder, it looks great and has great reviews from what I've read. However, I've read that it is long. Has anyone successfully used this with a standard SLP (no pistol grip)?

Other than that, I would probably get the specter gear 6 shell holder, as they supposedly make one specifically fit for the SLP / Win 1300. If anyone has used this, please let me know how it worked for you.

And any other buttstock holders you may have used. I am considering a buttstock pouch with shell holders on it if I can find one, but I'm not certain what I'd really put in the pouch. Maybe some beef jerky?

Thanks for any information!

Tactical Tailor: Stock Shotgun Shell Holder
Specter: Winchester 1300 / FN Buttstock Shell Holder
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