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911 Callers Looking For Gas In Metro Atlanta Jam Emergency Phone Lines

POSTED: 11:16 am EDT September 28, 2008
UPDATED: 6:16 pm EDT September 28, 2008

Officials said some metro Atlanta drivers are calling 911 to find out which gasoline stations have fuel.

“911 is for emergencies, and gasoline shortages -- as important as they may be to some people -- are not emergencies,” said Well Tallon, Douglas County director of communications and community relations.

Tallon said 911 operators have no way of knowing which stations are open and which stations are not, and do not know when deliveries are scheduled.

“Most of the gasoline stations themselves do not know when their next gasoline delivery will arrive,” said Tallon.

Officials said the gasoline calls could interfere with life-and-death emergency calls that need the immediate attention of 911 operators.

Authorities said it is also not possible for officers and deputies to drive throughout the county to note where gasoline is available, and provide that information to the public.

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